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World of Warcraft comes with 4 cd’s. That’s a lot and I do not understand why they haven’t released it on a DVD as standard.

First time I installed it, it took awhile.,I installed it on my Acer Ferrari 3200 notebook. My expectations were a little high, as my work colleague Rikke, had talked about it with such passion that I couldn’t resist buying it. Actually I was determined not to buy any kind of game that would have a monthly fee associated to it. But this changed me.

WoW, as it’s popularly named, has some expansions attached. You need the original game, plus all the expansions in order, to retrieve full “potential” of the game.

Anyway, underneath is a list of my current characters, and what realms they are associated with. I might add a few friends, who wants to be on this list. This list is my internal reference so I can remember which realm I’m playing on 🙂

My characters


Name: Realm: Class: Race: Level:
Angrodor Argent Dawn (RP) Druid Nightelf 120
Angroduggla Dunemaul (PvP) Mage Gnome 85
Angrodiggla Dunemaul (PvP) Warlock Gnome 73
Angrodaria Dunemaul (PvP) Priest Gnome 85
Angrodaggla Dunemaul (PvP) Rogue Gnome 80
Angrodoggla Dunemaul (PvP) Warrior Gnome 85
Angroshadra Dunemaul (PvP) Shaman Dwarf 85


My accomplishments

I’ve chosen to only list a few of my accomplishments, but this is in the form of videos which I’ve made myself with the help of Windows Movie Maker. These videos can be downloaded 🙂

Zul’Gurub – Boss 1 – High Priestess Jeklik (right-click -> “Save as”)
Molten Core – Boss 1 – Lucifron (right-click -> “Save as”)
Molten Core – Boss 4 – Garr (right-click -> “Save as”)
Blackwing Lair – Boss 4 – Firemaw (right-click -> “Save as”)
Blackwing Lair – Boss 8 – Nefarian (right-click -> “Save as”)

And here’s a list of downed bosses:

High Priestess Jeklik (2005)
High Priestess Venoxis (2005)
High Priestess Mar’li (2005)
Bloodlord Mandokir (2005)
Edge of Madness (2005)
Gahz’ranka (2005)
Molten Core
Lucifron (2005)
Magmadar (2005)
Gehennas (2006)
Garr (2006)
Baron Geddon (05-2006)
Shazzrah (05-2006)
Golemagg (05-2006)
Sulfuron Harbinger (05-2006)
Majordomo Executos (05-2006)
Ragnaros (05-2006)
Blackwing Lair
Razorgore the Untamed (07-2006)
Vaelastrasz the Corrupt (07-2006)
Broodlord Lashlayer (07-2006)
Firemaw (07-2006)
Ebonroc (07-2006)
Flamegor (08-2006)
Chromaggus (08-2006)
Nefarian (08-2006)
Ahn’Qiraj, Ruins of (20-man)
Kurinaxx (2005)
General Rajaxx (2005)
Moam (2005)
Buru the Gorger (2005)
Ahn’Qiraj, Temple of (40man)
The Prophet Skeram (08-2006)
Battleguard Sartura (09-2006)
Fankriss the Unyielding (09-2006)
Princess Huhuran (10-2006)
Twin Emperors (11-2006)
Naxxramas (40man)
Anub’Rekhan (11-2006)
Attumen the Huntsman (03-2007)
Shadikith the Glider (03-2007)
Moroes (03-2007)
Maiden of Virtue (03-2007)
The Crone (03-2007)
Romulo and Julianne (04-2007)
The big bad wolf (05-2007)
The Curator (03-2007)
The Chess Event (03-2007)
Shade of Aran (04-2007)
Nightbane (05-2007)
Terestian Illhoof (06-2007)
Netherspite (06-2007)
Prince Malchezaar (06-2007)
Onyxia’s Lair
Onyxia (05-2006)Gruul’s LairHigh King Maulgar (04-2007)
Gruul the Dragonkiller (07-2007)Magtheridon’s Lair
Magtheridon (07-2007)Shadowmoon Valley
Doomwalker (12-2007)

Hellfire Peninsula
Doom Lord Kazzak (02-2008)

Nalorakk (12-2007)
Akil’Zon (02-2008)
Halazzi (02-2008)

Serpentshrine Cavern
Hydross The Unstable (09-2007)
The Lurker Below (09-2007)
Morogrim Tidewalker (10-2007)
Leotheras the Blind (10-2007)
Fathom-Lord Karathress (11-2007)
Lady Vashj (01-2008)Tempest Keep: The Eye
Void Reaver (09-2007)
Solarian (11-2007)
Al’ar (12-2007)
Mount Hyjal
Rage Winterchill (03-2008)
Anatheron (03-2008)
Kaz’rogal (03-2008)
Azgalor (04-2008)
Black Temple
High Warlord Naj’entus (04-2008)
Supremus (04-2008)
Teron Gorefiend (04-2008)
Shade of Akama (04-2008)
Gurtogg Bloodboil (08-2008)
Mother Shahraz (08-2008)
Dragons of Nightmare
Ysondre (04-2008)
Taerar (04-2008)


Further fun with WoW

To have further fun with wow. I recommend the following sites:

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