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The phenomenon known as StarCraft has been one of my favorite games ever. It’s an real time strategy game, based on 3 alien races. Terrans, Zerg and Protoss.

Terran are a bunch of humanoid settlers from the Koprulu sector who formed the Confederacy deep in space. Zerg are aliens of an even more biological nature. Protoss are a more robotic form of entity. These three races do battle against one another on different maps.. be it space stations or lushious lands on planets.

StarCraft has probably been the #1 game in Korea, where it has won extremely many Korean hearts and dedication from when it was released in March 13, 1998. It has become popular winning millions of players focus and has been used in a lot of eSporting events.

Personally I never really played a lot of multiplayer because I was always getting a can of whoop-ass. The singleplayer-part however, took me through 3 campaigns, first you played with the Terrans, and as the story evolved you switched over to campaign #2 which featured the Zerg, and lastly the Protoss entered the campaign.

StarCraft was followed up with an expansion pack called BroodWar, which came with 3 new campaigns and new units to control. And ever since, it has been played loooooooooads on Blizzards popular gaming network,

StarCraft II

The sequel to StarCraft was of course, StarCraft II – But the singleplayer-part has been split up in three seperate parts. The first one to come out has been named StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and features one campaign involving the Terrans. It continues where the epic saga of the BroodWar expansion left off… as of writing (July 27, 2010 – I’m waiting for my Collectors Edition to arrive by snailmail ^^); the last remaining campaigns has yet to come out, but I’ll take a guess, and estimate the next campaign will feature the Zerg in all it’s swarming glory.

I was in the beta for the game, helping stresstest the servers, which has been majorly overhauled as well. And already from the start of the beta you could experience beautiful music and a lot of recognizable units which was sure, already then, to win millions of hearts once more.

Blizzard; thanks for making my life a little richer with your games 🙂 It’s an honor buying, supporting and playing your brilliant games.