Dungeon Keeper

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Dungeon Keeper was released in the 1990’es by Bullfrog and was a welcome break to the many “normal” games released. It offered you to be a Keeper of your own personal Dungeon. You are evil, and all you do is train monsters build up a dungeon for your monsters, pay them gold, and get them to slap and rid all goodness from the world.

Dungeon Keeper (1)
The first game was in 2D. The graphics was somewhat okay, and you lived through it despite some of the glitches. It was basically a DOS-based game, but Microsoft Windows 95 was also able to run it fairly.

It consists of 1 large map with around 20 levels. 5 hereof was training levels to train you and get you up to speed on how to build a dungeon and what to do. Very intuitive.

Deeper and deeper versus The Ancient Keeper/Dungeons
It had an expansion called The Deeper Dungeons and gave the game a little more maps, but it was in my opinion not nearly as good as the unofficial Ancient Keeper expansion. It featured some maps from (to me) an unknown source, and the maps was very challenging. I haven’t been able to go far on that “campaign”.

The game of course also had some patches, but the official website doesn’t have them anymore. I am hosting them for you to download. If you have one patch that you know is missing from my list, don’t be hesitant to send it to me, and I’ll toss it up on this page.

Ancient Keeper Download here
DK Patch (patch 1) Download here

Dungeon Keeper 2
The success story was followed by a sequel a couple of years later. I bought it, but didn’t get the original dungeon keeper-feeling as I got with the first game. Somehow the developers had changed it a bit too much. I can’t pinpoint it, but my guess is because the graphics performance wasn’t great. Not even on a machine of 2007 seems to run it very good. It also suffered from some weird crashes.

The game albeit the crashes, was okay to play – it featured some upgraded graphics and when you completed it, left you thinking, will there be a number 3. The gameplay is to get some gems/diamonds that will ultimately be able to let you loose on the outside world of caverns and tunnels. A way into the “above” world.

The developers released a couple of patches and added bonus maps. I won’t be serving them here because the major patches are around 25-26mb in size and I don’t have enough hosting space available. You can contact me, and we can arrange for some filetransfer if you really can’t find them elsewhere on the net though.