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Date of birth: May 1998
RIP: August 2014

This is Whiskey in his youngest years. We picked him up at an animal pound.

When we looked around at all the cats mjauiing at us, he was the only one who didn’t. That was why he was our next cat.

Mom picked him. I didn’t like him at first because in my opinion a “he” couldn’t be white. A few days later my mind had changed. And now I love him very Very VERY much.

This picture on the is taken with Jespers new digital camera. It’s taken 19. July 2006, and is well still portraying my cat as a kitten. At least he looks like it. But I assure you, he’s not. Notice the lovely blue eyes he has :)He was living with my mother when I moved out, but after a couple of years, mom moved, and wasn’t allowed to have cats at the new place. Then Jesper suggested that we should take him back with us to Copenhagen, and so we did. If I remember correctly it was around Christmas 2004 we got him.