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Date of birth: 22 July 2008
Race: English Bullterrier

Bailey, the newest addition to the family. He’s an English Bullterrier, and a dog!

For long, Jesper had talked about wanting a dog when Balle died. If we had gotten a dog when he was alive he would’ve ripped and slashed the dog to pieces. He really really disliked dogs.

So, Balle died, a couple of weeks before me and Jesper got married. After our marriage, Jesper started the search for a new pet. He figured it’d probably take up to 2 years before his demands could be fulfilled: English Bullterrier, white with black spots, preferrably around the eye. … 1 week in, he stumpled upon a cute little one on the net. Based in Northern Jutland. A mere 422km drive from where we live!!!

Well, bought he got. Driven, the 422km got. And home the little thing came. As you can see on these pictures he’s was a cute little one.

We started puppytraining immediately after he was 12 weeks old, and it seems it has paid off already. He’s very well potty-trained. He can the basic tricks of “sit”, “down”, “NOOOOOOOO!” etc 🙂 In fact, it seems we have been lucky (or good?) enough to have avoided many of the problems we hear others having with their dogs. That’s lovely!