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Date of birth: March 1995
R.I.P. 4 July 2008

Balle, or Baltazar as his real name is, is pretty fat. I think he’s the “most” cat I’ve ever had. Or, he might just be big-boned, hehe.

As with Minnie, we got him November 2003.

He’s been operated for cancer. An operation that almost cost us 10000 dkr. But who cares about money, when he’s as fat,… erh, cute as this???

This picture on the right is taken 19. July 2006. He’s lying in the frontgarden. He looks almost innocent, doesn’t he?Balle is still on medication since his operation. He’s had some teeth removed aswell. Bloody cat.

Jesper and I had talked about going to London for the summer 2006, but first the two remaining cats should have their yearly medical shots. Jesper brought them to the vet and after 4 hours Balle was 3-4 teeth poorer and had had a smaller problem with his backleft leg and our wallet was around 3000 DKK lighter. That was that trip 🙂

R.I.P.: Balle died 4th July 2008. Jesper and I was at a barbeque in Kokkedal with Marianne and Kim – When we came home Jesper was about to give Balle his medicine when he discovered that he was very very stiff. He died in his basket. Seems like he was sleeping when it happened.