A big welcome to you into the world of Mads Dam

A big welcome to you into the world of Mads Dam

Posted by on 04. J 2008 in Frontpage

A big welcome to you into the world of Mads Dam

On this page you’ll find information about me, me me me! That’s what a personal website is all about, right?

As I’m also a friend of games, I’ve got some gaming categories you can look at, which contains savegames, videos and more. Also, I use this site as my page-of-reference to all things IT-related. Maybe you can use my tips, maybe not. But basically, they’re there for me 🙂

So who am I? Well, I’m an IT-guy who knows how to use a computer, how to fix them (software-wise), how to build them, how to run them (manage them), and understand them. Since I’m also a programmer (a coder), I generally understand why a computer does what it does and things ARE complicated. As almost any professional will tell you if you give them a question regarding their profession, my answer will also be “it depends” 😉

Besides IT, I also enjoy animals (mostly the poultry kind), travelling, sci-fi movies, tv-series and books (yes! Books, albeit, read on a Kindle). I’m also interested in my health to a degree that I consider balanced. I’m also an introvert person and enjoy my time alone if and when the opportunity arises – hence I best like asynchronous communication 😉

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