Adobe Reader DC – Hide Tools Pane

Posted by on 16. J 2015 in Blog

So – ever since Adobe Reader DC came out – I’ve tried hiding the annoying right side pane that comes up everytime I open a pdf-file – this is what Adobe calls the Tools pane. In April 2015 – Adobe Reader DC 15.007.20033 it was not possible to hide this pane, but with the newest version 15.008.20082 it IS! Now, what I do for my users is add these two registry entries upon a new installation. (I’ve used Customization Wizard and added...

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OpenSSL – useful commands

Posted by on 25. J 2015 in Blog

So – my webhost Unoeuro has finally made it possible for me to add ssl-certificates to my websites. Even for subdomains – that is awesome! Althought they do claim a fee, which is why is not ssl-protected. It’s still money, you know 😉 My webhost demands .crt and unencrypted .key-files. Windows usually export to .pfx so I need to split that in 2 files. OpenSSL to the rescue. Public key extraction openssl pkcs12 -in mypfxfile.pfx -clcerts -nokeys...

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wmic – useful commands

Posted by on 28. J 2014 in Blog

wmic nic get name, speed wmic bios get manufacturer, name, serialnumber wmic computersystem manufacturer, model, name, totalphysicalmemory These are typically the commands I use, when PXE-booting into WinPE to get systeminfo. With SCCM 2012 R2 and the boot-image command-prompt-enabled, it’s a good way to quickly get the model-number of the booted computer and/or the speed-info of the NIC.

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Do you hate IE? Attention, web developers!

Posted by on 10. J 2014 in Blog

There’s no easy way to say this – if you hate or bash Internet Explorer for not showing your site correctly or breaking some functionality on your site, then I really think you should evaluate your web development skills! I’m not saying I’m perfect – I have flaws and errors around my sites as well – but I don’t bash IE nor do I bash Chrome, Safari or Firefox – not normally that is. I bash the webdevelopers! I wanted to make...

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NTFS allow delete subfolders files only

Posted by on 02. J 2014 in Blog

Okay, this one is a bit tricky – my job needed me to create the following share-structure: \\nas\scan with 2 subfolders: – \\nas\scan\printer – \\nas\scan\plotter Domain users are allowed Read permissions on \\nas\scan (it’s their root network drive) Domain users are allowed to create files (not folders) underneath printer and plotter Domain users are allowed to delete files and subfolders inside printer and plotter Domain users are NOT allowed to...

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WinPE keyboard, input locale

Posted by on 22. J 2013 in Blog

So – I’ve recently build a new WinPE USB disk, but I’ve totally forgotten how to customize it to my danish keyboard. It took some time, but I finally found out that this command should do the trick (+ I wanted timezone set correct too) dism /Image:mount /Set-AllIntl:da-DK dism /Image:mount /Set-TimeZone:”Romance Standard Time” These commands assume you’re in a directory where you’ve already mounted a boot.wim (WinPE-image) to a...

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