wmic uninstall program remotely

Posted by on 19. J 2016 in Blog

VERY useful command 🙂 First, get a list of programs installed on the remote computer wmic /node:”computername” product get name Next, uninstall, said unwanted program: wmic /node:”computername” product where “name=’All Apple Products'” uninstall

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Exchange 2010 – EMC connects to old server

Posted by on 22. J 2016 in Blog

If Exchange Management Console (EMC) connects to a decommissioned Exchange server, then you have to do the following: Close EMC Under C:users(username)AppDataRoamingMicrosoftMMCExchange Management Console there is a config file named Exchange Management Console. Delete it. In the registry under HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftExchangeserverv14AdminToolsNodeStructureSettings delete the value NodeStructureSettings

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MY IT, an update

Posted by on 03. J 2016 in Blog

So, has the time come for me to get a Surface Pro 4? I really have an inner struggle at the moment. Thinking, should I or shouldn’t I get an SP4? It’s been almost 5 years, since I really changed anything big on my desktop computer. When I think about the world today, and how everyone is basically moving towards a laptop/tablet-oriented experience, it might be time for me to go that route as well. I have the wanted infrastructure in place: 100/100Mbit bandwith to...

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Exchange – Increasing size limits

Posted by on 08. J 2015 in Blog

This one is quite good in explaining size-limits in Exchange and how to meet your organizations requirements. https://www.simple-talk.com/sysadmin/exchange/increasing-email-size-limits-for-your-high-profile-users-in-exchange-2010/

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Adobe Reader DC – Hide Tools Pane

Posted by on 16. J 2015 in Blog

So – ever since Adobe Reader DC came out – I’ve tried hiding the annoying right side pane that comes up everytime I open a pdf-file – this is what Adobe calls the Tools pane. In April 2015 – Adobe Reader DC 15.007.20033 it was not possible to hide this pane, but with the newest version 15.008.20082 it IS! Now, what I do for my users is add these two registry entries upon a new installation. (I’ve used Customization Wizard and added...

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OpenSSL – useful commands

Posted by on 25. J 2015 in Blog

So – my webhost Unoeuro has finally made it possible for me to add ssl-certificates to my websites. Even for subdomains – that is awesome! Althought they do claim a fee, which is why madsd.dk is not ssl-protected. It’s still money, you know 😉 My webhost demands .crt and unencrypted .key-files. Windows usually export to .pfx so I need to split that in 2 files. OpenSSL to the rescue. Public key extraction openssl pkcs12 -in mypfxfile.pfx -clcerts -nokeys...

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