UniFi – Controller Windows-stuff

UniFi – Controller Windows-stuff

Posted by on 04. J 2019 in Blog

I love Ubiquitis UniFi-wifi services – Not insanely expensive, and yet, still controllerbased! This is mostly for my own reference

Upgrading UniFi Controller – Windows

This is my method used when upgrading the UniFi Controller when run in another folder on a Windows system:

  1. Navigate to installfolder in command prompt – fx D:\ServerStuff\Ubiquiti UniFi
  2. stop the service with the following command (u cannot use services.msc, it won’t stop properly)
    java -jar lib\ace.jar stopsvc
  3. Move the installfolder to %userprofile%
  4. Upgrade with the new exe-file
  5. Start controller once, and stop it again
  6. move installfolder back
  7. start the service witht the following command
    java -jar lib\ace.jar startsvc


Setting up a new UniFi Controller as a Windows service

  1. Install the UniFi controller
  2. Open up tcp port 8443 ingoing in Windows Advanced Firewall
  3. Move the installfolder to your desired location
  4. Open command prompt and navigate to your installfolder (fx D:\ServerStuff\Ubiquiti UniFi)
  5. Run the following command to install the service
    java -jar lib\ace.jar installsvc
  6. Start the service
    java -jar lib\ace.jar startsvc