WinPE keyboard, input locale

WinPE keyboard, input locale

Posted by on 22. J 2013 in Blog

So – I’ve recently build a new WinPE USB disk, but I’ve totally forgotten how to customize it to my danish keyboard.

It took some time, but I finally found out that this command should do the trick (+ I wanted timezone set correct too)

dism /Image:mount /Set-AllIntl:da-DK
dism /Image:mount /Set-TimeZone:”Romance Standard Time”

These commands assume you’re in a directory where you’ve already mounted a boot.wim (WinPE-image) to a directory called mount – it fails setting UILanguage to da-DK (cause I don’t mind UI to be english) but sets everything else to da-DK. If you want another UILanguage, you’ll have to install a language pack.

More info:

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