VMware Tools – Shared productLocker on ESX-hosts

VMware Tools – Shared productLocker on ESX-hosts

Posted by on 15. J 2019 in Blog

This is tested on VMware vSphere 6.5

Create a folder on a datastore you’d like to use. Fx


Upload floppies and vmtools-folders to vmware-tools-folder

Folderstructures should look like this:

- floppies
- vmtools

Now go to advanced settings on each host and find UserVars.productLocker variable and change it to your new location:
e.g. /vmfs/volumes/Datastore09/vmware-tools /productLocker

Now enable SSH-service on each host, SSH in and remove existing symlink and recreate it, then you don’t have to reboot the ESX-servers

rm productLocker
ln -s /vmfs/volumes/Datastore09/vmware-tools /productLocker

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