MY IT, an update

Posted by on 03. J 2016 in Blog

So, has the time come for me to get a Surface Pro 4?

I really have an inner struggle at the moment. Thinking, should I or shouldn’t I get an SP4? It’s been almost 5 years, since I really changed anything big on my desktop computer. When I think about the world today, and how everyone is basically moving towards a laptop/tablet-oriented experience, it might be time for me to go that route as well.

I have the wanted infrastructure in place: 100/100Mbit bandwith to the internet (OneDrive, backups etc), a, praised by techies, good Wifi Router (TP-Link Archer C9) that suits my needs (802.11ac, good range). A dedicated server for fun stuff (media server connected to the TV) and other storagetypes that I don’t want in OneDrive (/puts-on-tinfoil-hat).

Thinking about the environment, I know that an SP4 will draw WAY less power than my desktop-build. So why am I hesitating? I think it’s because it’s a year-long commitment. If I choose to buy one, it’ll be my primary device. I will still keep my iPad mini (3), but only because the screen size and weight (331g) is much better in bed, than the big bulky SP4 will feel like.

My only concerns are:
– Battery life (cause it’ll be mostly plugged in)
– Long term fan noise (because I’ll be gaming WoW and StarCraft II)

Anyway, the choice is mine, and mine alone – I know that. And I know I will have to sell some of my old stuff – cause why keep it? 🙂