Exchange 2007 SP2 – Full Access and Send As-rights

Exchange 2007 SP2 – Full Access and Send As-rights

Posted by on 13. J 2010 in Blog

So, interesting. I see many people have problems with making sure that some users can send e-mails asanother user, on behalf of another user, and even access another users mailbox entirely.

There are 3 scenarios here:

  •  You want to let a user send as another user
    (as if the other user themselves sent the e-mail)
  • You want to let a user send on behalf of another user
    (the receiving person sees that it’s you sending on behalf of the other
  • You want to give a user full accessrights to another users mailbox
    (The user can access another users mailbox and read all items in it.)

Note that giving a person FullAccessrights is NOT the same as giving them Send-As or SendOnBehalf-permissions!! The user is only able to read the items in the other users mailbox, he/she cannot send e-mails!


To give a user FullAccess-rights on another users mailbox, do this in Exchange Management Shell(EMS):

Add-MailboxPermission “Mailbox” -User “Trusted User” -AccessRights FullAccess
Add-MailboxPermission “madsd” -User “jesper” -AccessRights FullAccess

This gives Jesper the FullAccess-rights to go open and browse all of my mailbox (but he cannot send e-mail)

Effective: Immediately!

To give a user the Send-As permission on another users mailbox, do this in EMS:

Add-ADPermission “Mailbox” -User “Domain\User” -Extendedrights “Send As”
Add-ADPermission “madsd” -User “isites\jesper” -Extendedrights “Send As”

This gives jesper the ability to send and e-mail as me, so it’ll look as if it’s coming directly from me. The recipient won’t know Jesper sent it.

Effective: When replication has finished or when MS Exchange Information Store-service has been restarted!


To give a user the SendOnBehalf-permission, do this:

Search here (cause I’m too lazy to find out ^^)