Exchange 2007 – CCR Restore gone bad?

Exchange 2007 – CCR Restore gone bad?

Posted by on 25. J 2010 in Blog

I’ve experienced a restore (by Backup Exec Single Item Recovery) gone bad a couple of times now, making the storage groups database unmountable. If that ever happens to you – note this!

If you suspended CCR-replication before attempting the now failed restore – Then you at least have a valid mailbox-database with every logfile leading up to when you suspended the replication! (The passive copy!)

Furthermore, logfiles keep being generated from the continuous mailflow on the active node.

If your restore failed, and the above is true – then you can simply copy and overwrite the existing mailbox database from the passive node to the active node. Make sure you have all necessary logfiles in place, and mount the store! Remember to resume replication!

Your restore still failed, but at least you’re up and running again!

There’s no guide in this blog-post, only reminders for myself, and others, if this issue occurs for anyone (myself!) in the future 🙂