Exchange 2007, CCR Logfiles, storage groups and databases

Exchange 2007, CCR Logfiles, storage groups and databases

Posted by on 22. J 2010 in Blog

Horrible.. horrible Exchange 2007 🙂 So complex and yet so lovely.

For a couple of times, I’ve experienced my failure as an exchange administrator. I’ve been running into the dreaded harddisks running full with logfiles. My problem was that I wasn’t paying attention to the logfiles being purged by Backup Exec. Why should I? Backup Exec noted everything was normal and okay!

The problem is, if you follow Backup Execs’ recommendation and taking backup of the passive copy of the ccr-cluster, then… if CCR-replication is unhealthy (aka not functioning) then the logfiles of the passive copy can be purged all it want… the active copy knows nothing about it! Hence I had a full harddisk-problem filled with logfiles.

So, I asked dear Exchange.. which file is my checkpoint file with:
eseutil /mk PATH-TO-CHK-file
and deleted every logfile up to that file. It’ll give you space enough to mount the database again 😀

The above solution ruined my ccr-replication, and the only solution I’ve found is rather just a work-around. Make a new storage-group, and move all mailboxes to it! As long as you can mount the database (which should be possible if there’s space on the logfiles-harddisk), then moving mailboxes will work just fine.

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