Android – no thanks

Posted by on 09. J 2012 in Blog

HTC Desire S / Android

So, where to begin. Well, basically I’ve been using an Android-based device, the HTC Desire S, for around 2 months now. I decided to write my own personal experience with it.

I’ve been using it out of the box – no tinkering with custom roms or special settings the first month. I’ve setup my e-mail/contacts/calendar-synchronisation (ActiveSync/Exchange) and installed very few apps, which shall not be named cause then I might be stamped as a wh*re of some sorts ^^

Google Market / Google Play
First time I entered the Google Market it asked me for my google-account. Fair enough, I entered my account but to my horror it actually requires me to have a gmail-account, not just a google account. F*ck you Google – was basically my first thought and I refused for 2-3 weeks to create another Google-account.

After giving in, I setup and installed some apps, those who shall not be named ^^ and I was grumpy for having to give in, but happy nonetheless with the apps.

Contacts App/list – using as telephone
So, next up I’ve been actually calling from my phone, and I must say it took some getting used to searching for contacts in the call-list. Fair enough.

But, when calling people or them calling me, I’ve experienced too many times where I’ve been unable to answer a call or even end a call properly without the other end hanging up first. VERY BIG NUISANCE that I THOUGHT was over with when Windows Mobile got scrapped (Qtek phones anyone?)! NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Yes, I’m yelling!

Texting (SMS)
I can’t come to terms with the stock keyboard on Android. It just doesn’t work good enough for me. It corrects my every word (almost ^^), and is just horrible.

Luckily I at least got into tinkering with keyboard settings and switched off autocorrect and auto-spell and all that sh*t. But even though it’s turned off, it hasn’t learned my touch-mistakes like other phones do (Windows Phone, iOS) and so, I’m not happy with it. I’ve heard from others that Slide-IT, an alternative to the stock-keyboard), is quite nice, but I gave up before I installed that one.

Oh oh, and why do I see loading stuff when entering the sms-app!? It shouldn’t start to load who’s sent me a text when I enter the program. I’ve even noticed it first refreshes newest text from people when I enter

the program! It should just BE THERE from the start. Nuisance!

Last words
I’ve tried Android now – I’ve seen it run on different devices – Nexus S, HTC Sensation XL, HTC Desire, HTC Desire S, HTC Wildfire – and I can’t in my head, imagine why sales numbers are so high.

Nokia is still my game, and Windows Phone IS the way forward – hopefully people realize that soon. I mean the whole Nokia Lumia line is so friggin’ beautiful. Samsung, HTC and even iPhone are so boring and bland.

Now to be honest, I own a Nokia Lumia 700 already, an iPad (although you won’t see me carrying it around in public) and now my trusty old Symbian60-based Nokia 6700 Slide is back in the game as work-phone, cause it just works!

There, I’ve said it, and gotten hot air out 🙂 Android, maybe Jelly Bean will be your saviour. From what I’ve heard, Jelly Bean (4.1)’s keyword is (butter) as in “smooth as butter“. a k a, no lagging.