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A big welcome to you into the world of Mads Dam

On this page you'll find information about me and my family. Use the links on the left of the screen to navigate through this site.

As I'm also a friend of games, I've got some gaming categories you can look at, which contains savegames, videos and more.

Name: Mads Krag Dam
Birthdate: 5 March 19xx :-)
Sign: Pisces
Sex: Male
Favorite color: Red
Favorite pet: Cat
12.05.2016 - Repair Appx-Packages - Edge not working
For some time, I've been having problems with my work-computers Windows 10. Edge is simply just vanishing everytime I start it. I start Edge -> Edge pops up for a second, and then closes immediately. I've been trying different stuff found on the internet, but today, finally, this worked for me! ... Read more

19.04.2016 - wmic uninstall program remotely
VERY useful command :) First, get a list of programs installed on the remote computerwmic /node:"computername" product get name Next, uninstall, said unwanted program:wmic /node:"computername" product where "name='All Apple Products'" uninstall... Read more